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What Beverage Containers Will Fit in My Stubby Holder?

Some of our branded cooler products are designed to fit a specific container -- a schooner glass, a wine glass or a wine bottle, for example. In these cases, it's probably not a good idea to expect your customised drink cooler to fit another style of container. Other stubby holders may be specifically shaped to hold a beer stubby. These will probably hold a small soft drink bottle (split) just as easily as a stubby of beer but probably won't fit a drink can.

will my drink fit a stubby cooler?

Standard stubby holders

The classic straight up-and-down tumbler shaped stubby coolers will hold most 300-375 ml beverages, whether in a bottle or can. Most of our stubby holders are made of flexible materials, so there will be a little bit of 'give', allowing for a slightly wider than usual beverage container. But be aware that the insulating properties of your stubby holder won't work quite as well if your beverage is too narrow to fit snugly in the holder.

The dimensions of our stubby holders should be visible on their individual product pages. The diameter of stubbies and small bottles varies a lot, but as a general rule, the average drinks can has a width of about 60 mm.