Screen Printing

Screen PrintingScreen printing is the most budget friendly method for decorating your custom stubby coolers. Using only the highest grade plastisol inks, our printing machine will brand your message or logo onto your stubby cooler with ease. Based on an ancient technique, screen printing has long since been refined by modern technology and is a reliable way to achieve a crisp and clear look for your logo at a low price.

How Do We Screen Print?

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The screen printing method of branding is performed by utilising a mesh screen and stencil to print colours onto garments. Ink is applied and pressed through the mesh screen. The stencil blocks ink from transferring through the screen onto areas not highlighted by the stencil. The resulting print of your logo is thus crisp, clean and durable.

Typical Set Up Costs

As with most printing techniques, screen printing requires a print set up cost. This cost covers the process of creating film for print, artwork digitizing, stencil production as well as a few sample trial runs to ensure the equipment is correctly aligned before branding on your actual koozies takes place. Our general set up cost is $75 AU + GST per colour, but please double check with your sales contact to ensure that this price is accurate to your particular order.

     Set Up Cost

Ink Colour Change Cost

If your stubby cooler order requires a colour change and not a change of your graphic, we can handle this easily. Just let our friendly staff know - colour change costs can be as cheap as $30 AU + GST. The cost covers washing and drying the stencil and mesh as well as changing the colour and printing a couple of samples to ensure consistent colouring.

    Colour Change