How Stubby Coolers Work

Koozie fun facts

The goal of a stubby cooler or koozie is to keep your drink nice and cool regardless of the atmospheric temperature. Aussies might recognise this as essential to a good beer or wine, particularly in the Summer months. So how does a stubby cooler manage to keep your drink icy cold despite the sweltering external temperatures? The answer is a lot more scientific than you might think!

Stubby Cooler Physics Trivia

  • Ever notice how your koozie looks and feels a lot like a wetsuit? That's because stubby coolers are often made from the exact same material! The goal of a wetsuit is actually not that different from that of a koozie. They both use the principles of convection and conduction to prevent evaporative cooling.

                        wet suit

  • If you sit a cold can of drink beside a cold can of drink wearing a stubby cooler you'll be able to notice a difference between them almost immediately. Know what itthe difference is? It's condensation! Your stubby cooler prevents the formation of condensation (water droplets) on the outside surface of the drink. The process of forming these droplets generates heat at higher temperatures than the air immediately surrounding your drink. So next time you see water droplets forming on your soft drink or beer, slap a stubby cooler on them and stay chill!


What Are Koozies Made Out Of?

The most popular materials current stubby coolers utilise are neoprene and EVA, but materials such as leather, polyester, foam and vinyl are also used in certain products. All of these materials are long lasting, but neoprene is well and truly the most popular material of the lot because of its versatility. If you want to know which material suits your particular needs, have a chat with a member of our friendly sales team - we'll go through your options and find the stubby cooler that's right for you.