Personalised Stubby holders 0402 877 275 Promotional stubby holders that are available for quick turnaround time with different styles. We can custom made stubby holders in your own design and colour.
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Top 3 Spring Stubby Coolers

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 11:17:55 AM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers are a staple in Australian culture. It is a means to maintain the temperature of your beverage whilst allowing you to have fun in the sun. We determined that these three Spring stubby coolers are the ideal means for getting your brand noticed this time of year.

Promotional Schooner Glass Coolers

A cold beer is perfect for the Spring weather. But to make your schooners more appealing it is important that they are fitted with these unique stubby holders. These neoprene coolers will ensure that your guests get their drinks at the perfect temperature. More importantly, this is an easy way to market your brand and even gain some mobile exposure. Consider gifting these to your patrons and watch your brand retention rise.

Branded Wine Glass Holders

For the more sophisticated client, wine is usually the choice of beverage. Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered with this branded wine glass holder. This will skyrocket the appeal of your function and generate conversation about yo...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Jakub G

Unique Promotional Stubby Shapes

Monday, 24 August 2020 11:44:52 AM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers are a fantastic promotional tool, but it is difficult finding a style that appropriately reflects your brand. This is why we have taken on the challenge to provide you with novelty stubby coolers to get ahead of the competition and have your brand name remembered. Here are our three favourite unique promotional stubby shapes!

Novelty Stubby Coolers Branded

Funny Custom Thong Coolers

Nothing is more Australian than a stubby cooler that is in the shape of a thong (or flip-flop/jandle depending on where you're from). Bring on some good memories and beach vibes with these unique stubby holders. Spruce up your marketing campaign with a relaxed style and hand out these 3mm neoprene temperature controlling tools. These coolers are designed to chill your drinks for long hours, so you can properly enjoy the beach and summer. Coupled with your custom logo, no one will forget these stubbies.

Lady Shaped Bucks Night Custom Stubbies

Take your mate’s bucks night to the next level with these personalised lady shaped stu...

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Posted in News By Jakub G

Using Custom Stubbies as Party Favours

Monday, 27 July 2020 1:09:56 PM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers are perfect items for almost every kind of event that involves beverages. But there are actually some great other uses that make stubby coolers ideal for party favours. Here is a list of ideas that you can take on board for using your personalised stubby coolers.

Personalised Stubby Coolers for Parties

Tables Ornaments

Most obviously, custom stubby coolers would be fantastic when oriented around a table with your guest’s favourite drink or beverage. You can set this up beforehand and you can be certain that when your guests arrive the stubby coolers will continue to keep their drinks cold. Additionally, you could emblazon this product with your unique brand so that your patrons will be literally holding your brand in their hands!

Giveaway Gifts and Prizes

An alternative approach could be to treat these custom stubby coolers as giveaway options and prizes. People love free merch and a product as useful as a stubby cooler will be surely sought after. This is a great way to conclude a trade show event or marketing ca...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Jakub G

Perfect Winter Stubby Coolers

Thursday, 28 May 2020 10:45:17 AM Australia/Sydney

Cold drinks are perfect all year round, even in the winter. We have a vast range of winter-themed stubby coolers that are just perfect for any social gathering or get together. Most importantly, the unique design of these stubby coolers will surely have your brand remembered. Here are our three favourite winter stubby coolers.

Winter Stubby Cooler Ideas

Ski Jacket Printed Bottle Coolers

These stubby coolers just scream winter with their warm puffy jackets. Snuggle your cans or bottles with these winter-proof stubby holders and become the centre of attention at all social gatherings. This item is manufactured from low-density foam, with clever stitching in the shape of a ski jacket. It even has a zip up front and a hood. Just imagine your brand or logo on this quirky item. Match with your stubby cooler this winter!

Branded Footie Bottle Coolers

With footie season going right through winter, these footie themed bottle coolers will be perfect for any sporting occasion. Alternatively, you could use these custom stubby h...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Jakub