1. Beyond Brew: 7 Creative Uses for Custom Stubby Holders

    Who says a stubby holder is only for keeping drinks chill? If you think outside the square, there's more to this versatile promotional product than meets the eye. In this post, we'll reveal to you the creative uses of promotional stubby holders that go beyond their usual use. As a bonus, we will also share to you some tips on how to utilise personalised stubbies as a promotional tool or a corporate gift. 

    1. Handy Tool Holder

    Custom stubby holders can be transformed into convenient tool holders for handymen and DIY enthusiasts. Simply slide screwdrivers, pliers, or other small tools into the sturdy elastic openings. This repurpose not only helps keep tools organised but also provides easy access during projects.

    2. Desk Organiser

    Forget about scattered pens and office supplies on your desk. Repurpose custom stubby holders as desk organisers

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  2. Keeping Your Beer Cold: Science Behind the Stubby Holder’s Insulation

    As our summer months keep heating up, there's nothing more refreshing than a cold beer. But what happens when the sun beats down and your beverage starts warming up? It can be downright disappointing! Thankfully, humanity has found a simple yet effective solution: the stubby holder.

    You may know it as many different things—koozie, cozy, or beer sleeve—but those stretchy neoprene sleeves with funny sayings are much more than just novelty items. They offer scientifically proven insulation to aid in keeping your drink cooler for longer periods of time. How does it work, though? What is the science behind them?

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  3. Celebrate With Personalised Stubby Holders

    How many times has your chilled beverage become warm after you kept it out for a few minutes? Putting a drink back in the refrigerator can be very frustrating. That's not necessary, though! While holding your beverage, stabby holders keep it at the same temperature. The bonus is that your hands will also remain dry in case of condensation.

    An Excellent Marketing Tool 

    You can use stubby holders for marketing purposes. Personalize the custom stubby holders by imprinting your brand logo. Potential customers can then be given these holders. Make designs that attract customers' attention. Your brand and products can be promoted for a low cost through them.

    These Stubby Coolers are great marketing tool to boost brand awareness.

    It Looks (and works) Like a Wetsuit 

    Neoprene is the material used to make stubby

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  4. Personalised Drink Coolers for Autumn BBQs

    Every Autumn BBQ needs a drink cooler. Keep your drinks refreshing whilst showcasing your brand. Here are our favourite personalised drink coolers for Autumn BBQs.

    Express Budget Cooler

    This sweet express budget cooler is perfect for an Autumn BBQ. It is made from high-quality neoprene material and can hold any can. Whilst snuggling the can this stubby cooler can regulate the temperature of your drink to ensure it stays cold for longer. Decorate this affordable drink holder with your brand today!

    Taped Promotional Coolers

    Go the extra mile with your

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  5. Get Noticed with Branding Drink Holders

    Promotional drink holders are an effective marketing strategy. They are useful products that also keeps your brands in front of patrons. Here are the best products that will get you noticed with branding drink holders.

    Stubby Wraps with Logo Branding

    These premium stubby wraps with logo branding are the best way to get your brand noticed. These drink koozies are made from a 3mm thick neoprene polyester blend. This is perfect to keep your hands comfortable and your drinks cool. These stubby wraps are perfect for any can and can be easily emblazoned with your brand or logo.

    Cute Textured Can

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  6. Drink Coolers as Personalised Gifts

    Stubby coolers make excellent gifts for clients, staff, friends, and family. Below are our favourite drink coolers that make for great personalised gifts.

    Promotional Velcro Stubby Coolers

    These convenient promotional Velcro stubby coolers are great for gifts and events. You can easily wrap your bottles or cans in these sweet drink koozies. Your hands will remain comfortable whilst your drink remains cool. These are perfect to be given out as gifts. They feature a large surface area where you can emblazon the product with your brand name.

    Classic Personalised Magnetic Stubby Holders

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  7. Stubby Coolers for an Aussie Summer

    Stubby coolers are an essential tool for summer. They are necessary to keep your drinks cold and can easily promote your brand. Here are our favourite stubby coolers for an Aussie summer.

    Summertime Bottle Coolers

    Take these summertime bottle coolers and crack open a cold one on the beach. These sweet Rip Curl bikini and Gucci sunglasses stubby coolers are the best way to enjoy a beverage. This stubby cooler is made from 2mm thick neoprene material to ensure your drink is kept cold for as long as possible. Get this decorated with your brand or logo for great promotion!

    Personalised Bottle Bag

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  8. Personalised Stubby Holders for Events

    Stubby holders are excellent products for different events. They are useful in keeping drinks cold and promoting your brand name. Here are the reasons you need personalised stubby holders for your events.


    Stubby holders are perfect for birthdays and festive occasions. Nothing makes a birthday more fun than a crisp drink. Satisfy your patrons with our premium stubby holders. You can choose stubby holders to match the theme of your birthday too. Everyone will remember your brand as a gracious host for the birthday party!

    Popular products include: Furry Personalised Drink Coolers and 

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  9. Stubby Holders for Seasonal Events

    Stubby holders are not only great for keeping your drinks cool but also promoting your brand. Take advantage of seasonal events to elevate your brand image. Here are great options for stubby holders for the upcoming season.

    Promotional Wet Suit Bottle Holders

    Nothing says summer like surfing and the beach. Pair this season with promotional wet suit bottle holders. These unique drink koozies are great if you operate a business near the beach. You can easily customise this product with your brand or logo to boost your marketing. These drink koozies are made from 3mm neoprene, the same as a wet suit! This helps regulate the temperature of your drink. Get this branded today.

    Budget Christmas Can Coolers

    Get ahead of Christmas promotion with these budget can coolers. Christmas in Australia

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  10. Stubby Coolers for Marketing Mail-Outs

    Stubby coolers are great promotional products that are actually useful. Take this opportunity to mail out some fantastic stubby holder designs and promote your brand name. Here are our favourite stubby coolers for marketing mail-outs.

    Basic Soft Shell Can Coolers with Logo

    These basic soft shell can coolers with logos are the perfect tools to keep your drinks cold. Nothing is better than a chilled drink after a long day. Take this opportunity to reward your clients by mailing out these great soft shell stubbies. These holders come in a variety of colours and feature a useful carabiner for carrying. Go out and get these products emblazoned with your brand for easy marketing!

    Fishing Reel Logo Stubbies

    For all the fishers out there, these fishing reel logo stubbies will become

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