Personalised Stubby holders 0402 877 275 Promotional stubby holders that are available for quick turnaround time with different styles. We can custom made stubby holders in your own design and colour.
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Add-On Promo Gifts for Stubby Coolers

Tuesday, 4 February 2020 10:26:51 AM Australia/Sydney

Customised stubby coolers make excellent gifts, but if you want to boost the value of your coolers or simply want to give your recipients something more, we've got an assortment of add-on items that pair perfectly with bulk drink holders for parties, events, or marketing campaigns.

 Promotional Cooler Bag for Stubbies

Custom Bottle Opener Keyrings

When you have a cooler for a drink the chances are that you'll also need to open your drink, which is where items like our Promotional Aluminium Bottle Opener Keychains come in handy. Not only are they an extremely cost-effective add-on item, but they also enhance the functionality of your coolers as well. We find that a lot of weddings/bachelor/hen's parties get great value from bundling keyrings with stubby holders, but they work well for conventions and conferences as well.

Logo Printed Cooler Bags

Personalised stubby coolers are great for keeping individual drinks cool, but what about when you need to transport a six-pack of drinks or more? That's where our Logo Branded Cooler ...

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What is Neoprene Material?

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 3:17:37 PM Australia/Sydney

Many of the regular items you use are made from neoprene. But people are often left in the dark as to what this unique material is. Luckily for you, here is a quick guide as to how this material came about, its general application and how useful it is in making promotional stubby holders.

 All About Promotional Neoprene

The History of Neoprene

Neoprene was invented by the American company DuPont during the early 1930s. Its jelly-like consistency immediately made it commercially viable and a refined manufacturing process saw it introduced into various products around the world. As such, neoprene is now recognised as a durable material that resists degradation better than other types of rubber.

The Application of Neoprene

In today’s world, neoprene is utilised in many domains, such as civil engineering, aquatics, home accessories, and gardening. Its pliable rubber-like and insulating material makes it perfect for modern utility. Neoprene is either produced in closed-cell (waterproof) or open-cell (breathable) form, making...

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Why Your Event Needs Promotional Stubby Coolers

Friday, 18 October 2019 2:37:17 PM Australia/Sydney

With summer approaching fast, no event is complete without a customised stubby cooler. Stubby holders are a great way to serve your participants drinks to keep their hands dry and their beverages cold. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to get your brand literally into the hands of people!

promotional drink cooler for summer

Useful and Accessible Promotional Products

Conferences and tradeshows routinely offer food and drink, but organisers often overlook niche ways to market your brand. Instead of having your name be only plastered on the walls, take every advantage to remind your members of your brand. It would also be a great idea to leave these practical drink koozies as gifts so that not only are people always reminded of you but have a useful item to look back on in the future.

Find the Right Stubby Holder for Your Event

We offer various types of drink koozies to suit your event needs. Some options include hand holder stubbies, ideal for easy carrying in one hand and protection against accidental spills. Or depending on th...

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3 Promotional Stubby Holders for Spring

Friday, 16 August 2019 4:25:22 PM Australia/Sydney

With Spring just around the corner, now is the best time to invest in some stubby coolers to chill your drinks. It is also an easy way to promote your brand! Here are our top 3 favourite stubby holders for the Spring season.

bulk promotional stubby ideas

1. 6 Bottle Stubby Cooler Bags

Kickstart Spring with this accessible six-pack stubby holder. Spring is a time of community so gather your friends and family and get these 6 bottle stubby holders to keep everyone’s drinks cold. Its wide area will pair nicely with your unique brand or logo.

2. Hand Holder Logo Printed Stubbies

If you are looking for a truly hands-on way to hold your drinks this Spring, this hand holder drink koozie may just be your answer. Equipped with a handle, this stubby holder ensures you will never let go of your drink and cause accidental spills. Its full-colour background also creates a great contrast to your brand name.

3. Bulk Custom Champagne Holders

Spring is also a time of festivities and celebration for the return of warm weather, so some of ...

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