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Personalised Drink Coolers for Autumn BBQs

Saturday, 12 March 2022 10:33:46 AM Australia/Sydney

Every Autumn BBQ needs a drink cooler. Keep your drinks refreshing whilst showcasing your brand. Here are our favourite personalised drink coolers for Autumn BBQs.

Express Budget Cooler

This sweet express budget cooler is perfect for an Autumn BBQ. It is made from high-quality neoprene material and can hold any can. Whilst snuggling the can this stubby cooler can regulate the temperature of your drink to ensure it stays cold for longer. Decorate this affordable drink holder with your brand today!

Taped Promotional Coolers

Go the extra mile with your stubby coolers with these taped promotional holders. These wicked stubbies are great for marketing and drink regulation. You can enjoy any canned drink in these stubby coolers and know they will always be at the best drinking temperature! Decorate this product with your brand for effective and budget-friendly promotion.

Customised Self-Close Stubby Coolers

These customised self-close stubby coolers are great if you are out and about with your dri...

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Get Noticed with Branding Drink Holders

Sunday, 13 February 2022 10:05:33 AM Australia/Sydney

Promotional drink holders are an effective marketing strategy. They are useful products that also keeps your brands in front of patrons. Here are the best products that will get you noticed with branding drink holders.

Stubby Wraps with Logo Branding

These premium stubby wraps with logo branding are the best way to get your brand noticed. These drink koozies are made from a 3mm thick neoprene polyester blend. This is perfect to keep your hands comfortable and your drinks cool. These stubby wraps are perfect for any can and can be easily emblazoned with your brand or logo.

Cute Textured Can Stubbies

Get onlooker attention with these cute textured can stubbies. These stubby holders are a unique and novel approach to advertising your brand. The products feature ridges for grip and comfort. The stubbies are made from 5mm neoprene material for perfect temperature control. Decorate these stubby holders with your brand name for endless promotion.

Promotional Pint Glass Holders

If you are enjoying a...

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Drink Coolers as Personalised Gifts

Saturday, 22 January 2022 11:40:49 AM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers make excellent gifts for clients, staff, friends, and family. Below are our favourite drink coolers that make for great personalised gifts.

Promotional Velcro Stubby Coolers

These convenient promotional Velcro stubby coolers are great for gifts and events. You can easily wrap your bottles or cans in these sweet drink koozies. Your hands will remain comfortable whilst your drink remains cool. These are perfect to be given out as gifts. They feature a large surface area where you can emblazon the product with your brand name.

Classic Personalised Magnetic Stubby Holders

Keeping your drinks cool is a must in the summer heat. These classic personalised magnetic stubby holders are guaranteed to always regulate the temperature of your beverages. The stubby coolers feature comfortable padding that is secured by magnets. This is a functional product that can effectively market your brand. Gift it out at your next convention or trade show.

Custom Logo Zippered Bottle Coolers

Present yo...

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Stubby Coolers for an Aussie Summer

Saturday, 11 December 2021 10:11:56 AM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers are an essential tool for summer. They are necessary to keep your drinks cold and can easily promote your brand. Here are our favourite stubby coolers for an Aussie summer.

Summertime Bottle Coolers

Take these summertime bottle coolers and crack open a cold one on the beach. These sweet Rip Curl bikini and Gucci sunglasses stubby coolers are the best way to enjoy a beverage. This stubby cooler is made from 2mm thick neoprene material to ensure your drink is kept cold for as long as possible. Get this decorated with your brand or logo for great promotion!

Personalised Bottle Bag Coolers

If you are one to take your bottle with you during summer, you need this personalised bottle bag cooler. This premium product can fit any bottle size and is designed to keep your drinks safe and cold. These stubbies go well with outdoor treks, BBQs, beach trips, or weekend getaways. Coupled with your brand or logo, this personalised bottle bag cooler will get your brand notice this summer!


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