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What Are Some Other Ways to Use Promotional Coolers?

On first glance, stubby holders are purely one-use items. They keep drinks cold, and that's it. But believe it or not, people are finding more and more uses for the stubby holder, taking advantage of its size, shape and padding.

stubby cooler used for drinks

Custom Stubby Coolers For Stationery Organisation

  • A stubby holder can be used to hold all sorts of things -- pens, pencils, toothbrushes, stamps, keys, string, and so on. 
  • Organise small handicraft supplies -- put your threads inside and use the outside as a pincushion. 
  • Fill a stubby holder with plastic bags and keep it in the car -- never be caught without a bag again! 
  • Keep your shaving cream can in a stubby holder - no more rust stains on the sink.

Using Coolers When You Move House

Sometimes when people are moving house, one of the first things they do is jettison a cupboard full of old stubby holders. But don't be so hasty! Stubby holders make great protective sleeves for keeping glassware. They're just the right size and shape for many glass sizes. What's more, with a little bit of ingenuity, four stubby holders can be added to the feet of heavy furniture, to prevent scratches on the floor of your new place.

Promotional Cooler Uses in the Kitchen

  • Wrap a stubby holder around a stubborn bottle cap or jar lid for extra grip.
  • Because it's insulated, you can also use a stubby holder to grip for hot plates right out of the microwave. 
  • Use stubby holders to protect delicate fruit as you bring it home from the shop.

Stubby Holders Functions For Travellers

Worried about your electronics while travelling? Protect smartphones, e-readers and other small devices by putting them in stubby holders in your luggage.