Cold temperature is getting very intense lately. This morning Sydney reached the lowest year to date temperature of 11 degree celcius. What a monday morning! Couldnt get up from the bed, it seems like our alarm clock is jealous of the relationship between us and our bed! Well, Sydneysiders be ready as more cold days ahead of us, lower temperatures and strong wind. Not to mention the heavy rainfall that caused our lovely town all drenched and flooded.

We do love rainy days when we dont feel like going out on weekends. Just rolling on our bed and sipping cup of tea or hot chocolate with plenty of DVDs to watch. How about some cold beer or glass of wine? Never forgotten  What are your favourite drinks on winter? Did you know that there are fancy stubby holders for wine glass? We have the complete selection on how to personalise your stubby holders. Most orders for our personalised stubby wine glass holders are for hens night, engagement, wedding parties or birthdays. Quick turnaround time is guaranteed. With only 10-15 working days, you can celebrate your special day with these stubby wine glass holders printed with your message or name.

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