You know the importance and power that a good logo has, now you need to start thinking about how to brand your promotional and business freebies. You don’t want something that is too complex and messy but you don’t want something that is boring and doesn’t catch your eye. There a few things that you can not leave out of your promotional freebie that!!

1) Your contact details and website address, this is where your first point of contact so make sure that it large and can be easily read

2) Your logo is what people recognise you by and will also remember you by, so it extremely important that you have incorporated into your artwork. If you do not have a corporate logo you can use a mascot or image that represents your business.

3) Have a good slogan or promotional offer, think Nike.. “Just do it” a good slogan is a winner when it is comes to marketing. Another great way to get noticed is to have a special offer like 2 for 1, or 50% off