In the great Australian slang stubby means a 375ml. beer bottle. Stubby holders are an iconic part of Australian culture. Stubby holders can sometimes be called koozie, cozy, coosie, hugger, or huggie in other parts of the world except when you are in Ireland, Ireland doesn’t need stubby holders, if you walk outside the coldness will keep your beer nice and icy. Everyone owes a few stubby holders that sit in the fridge until its time to relax with a nice cold beer. Stubby holders aren’t just for stubby beer bottles anymore either. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit long neck bottles, cans and even wine bottles. Stubby holders are a great promotional product to use. There are relatively cheap and have a large print area. You could use stubby holders in many different occasions. At Christmas work parties, free giveaways at festival, promotional item to market new brands of beer and spirits, you could even use stubby holders as invitations to parties and weddings!! If you are looking for a unique way to use your stubby holder as a promotional product, call now to speak to a friendly member of the team!!!!