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Personalised Stubby Holders for Events

Saturday, 13 November 2021 4:03:09 PM Australia/Sydney

Stubby holders are excellent products for different events. They are useful in keeping drinks cold and promoting your brand name. Here are the reasons you need personalised stubby holders for your events.


Stubby holders are perfect for birthdays and festive occasions. Nothing makes a birthday more fun than a crisp drink. Satisfy your patrons with our premium stubby holders. You can choose stubby holders to match the theme of your birthday too. Everyone will remember your brand as a gracious host for the birthday party!

Popular products include: Furry Personalised Drink Coolers and 7mm Neoprene Can Coolers


Spruce up your wedding celebrations with personalised stubby holders. Everyone knows that the best part of the wedding is having a drink with your friends and family. Make sure the drinks are kept at the ideal temperature with promotional drink koozies. You can even giveaway the stubby holders after the celebration as a thank you to those who attend.

Top choices include: ...

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Stubby Holders for Seasonal Events

Saturday, 2 October 2021 2:33:19 PM Australia/Sydney

Stubby holders are not only great for keeping your drinks cool but also promoting your brand. Take advantage of seasonal events to elevate your brand image. Here are great options for stubby holders for the upcoming season.

Promotional Wet Suit Bottle Holders

Nothing says summer like surfing and the beach. Pair this season with promotional wet suit bottle holders. These unique drink koozies are great if you operate a business near the beach. You can easily customise this product with your brand or logo to boost your marketing. These drink koozies are made from 3mm neoprene, the same as a wet suit! This helps regulate the temperature of your drink. Get this branded today.

Budget Christmas Can Coolers

Get ahead of Christmas promotion with these budget can coolers. Christmas in Australia is hot so take advantage of this season with a fitting stubby holder. These stubbies easily regulate the temperature of your drink and help your brand shine in the crowd. If you emblazon these products with y...

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Stubby Coolers for Marketing Mail-Outs

Saturday, 11 September 2021 11:03:21 AM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers are great promotional products that are actually useful. Take this opportunity to mail out some fantastic stubby holder designs and promote your brand name. Here are our favourite stubby coolers for marketing mail-outs.

Basic Soft Shell Can Coolers with Logo

These basic soft shell can coolers with logos are the perfect tools to keep your drinks cold. Nothing is better than a chilled drink after a long day. Take this opportunity to reward your clients by mailing out these great soft shell stubbies. These holders come in a variety of colours and feature a useful carabiner for carrying. Go out and get these products emblazoned with your brand for easy marketing!

Fishing Reel Logo Stubbies

For all the fishers out there, these fishing reel logo stubbies will become your new best friend. These multi-functional tools are the best way to keep your drinks cold whilst you are out fishing. It is made from high-quality material and can be easily decorated with your brand for effective m...

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Prepare for Spring with Stubby Holders

Friday, 13 August 2021 1:43:45 PM Australia/Sydney

The beautiful Spring weather pairs superbly with a chilled drink. But you need a way to ensure that your drinks stay cold for as long as possible. Here are the best promotional stubby holders to use during Spring.

Stitched Promotional Coolers

These simple yet effective stitched promotional coolers are perfect for keeping drinks cold. They offer a classy look whilst your hold your drink at a festive Spring occasion. They can fit any can size and feature a zig-zag stitch pattern on the side. They are made from PU leatherette material for comfortable holding and chilling. Get this decorated with your unique brand today!

Reversible Double Sided Bottle Coolers

Get the best of both worlds with these reversible double-sided bottle coolers. These stubbies offer two promotional options for the price of one! Mix and match your brand and logo with the unique pattern features of these reversible neoprene coolers. These stubbies can hold any bottle type. Get these emblazoned with your brand and logo an...

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