Payment Terms

General Terms

For purchase orders, we require full payment before mass production for stubby coolers. Credit terms may be issued on an individual case by case basis. Credit terms will be subject to approval from our Accounts Department. Please enquire with us to find out more.

Payment Policy Australian Government Departments


If you are a government department simply issue us with a Purchase Order number for 14 day credit terms which will begin on the day that the drink coolers arrive at your nominated delivery address. Universities within Australia are also classified as Australian Government Departments and are entitled to the same credit terms. The 14 day terms may vary depending on the payment cycle of your department. Please check with your sales team member for more details regarding an increase in payment free credit term days.

Payment Options

We accept payment through the following methods for transaction:


  1. Direct Bank Transfer: For interbank bank transfers, please allow for 1 full day for payment clearance. Alternatively if your purchase order of stubby coolers is for an urgent production schedule, simply email us a screen shot or a remittance advice for payment to enable us to begin production and branding work on drink coolers.

  2. Credit Card: For card payments we accept: VISA | Mastercard | American Express. A Credit card purchase order is recommended for urgent purchase orders. Funds are typically cleared immediately for all purchase orders placed on Credit Card.

  3. Cheque: We accept all Australian Cheques. Please allow for up to 3 days for funds to clear for orders placed with a cheque.


Cancellation of Purchase Orders

Please note that once artwork is approved for a purchase order and once payment has been made this is binding and a cancellation of the order may not be possible. As our stubby coolers and drink holders are personalised for each of our clients once production has begun, the branding and personalization cannot be removed. We thank you for understanding.

Not Sure Which Option Suits You Best?

Our team is here to help you choose the right branding technique and colour for your personalised stubby holders. Email us or give us a call to discuss your needs, and let us guide you toward the perfect choice for your promotional strategy. We can answer all your questions about pricing, product recommendations, artwork mockups, and how to place an order.