Branding Design Ideas

Design Ideas for Your Custom Stubby Holders

Stubby coolers can be a whole lot of fun. Be creative and even a little cheeky and you can come up with all sorts of amazing hilarious designs that everyone will absolutely love. Alternatively a beverage holder can be designed in such a way, so that it is a classy formal product. Obviously when it comes to designing a great graphic for a personalized beverage holder, you would need to tailor your message to fit the target audience. Here are a few tips on designing graphics and images.

Designing Graphics for a Corporate Brand

When using things like stubby coolers, as well as neoprene beverage holders as a marketing event for a brand it is important to consider a few things. Firstly the neoprene base colour is important, as this will always be the strongest colour in any design. Once you have selected an appropriate base colour then the fun part begins and the actual design process beings. We recommend the following tips for designing graphics onto a corporate band:

  • Have your logo visible on all sides of the neoprene cooler. If you want a subtle image (that is also striking) then simply have your logo on both sides of the cooler. Where possible though we think that having your branding on 4 sides of the cooler is best practice for maximum brand visibility

  • Colour Balance is quite important. Try to use sharp contrasts between light and dark colours for a really attractive neoprene cooler.

  • Select Pastel Colours for either graphic or neoprene will always gives you a 70’s or 80’s vibe. Great for a retro feel.


Designing Images for a Party

Did someone yell out PARTY? Stubby coolers are the perfect item for any Party. Keep things clean, vibrant and fun

  • Bucks Night?

  • Hens Night

  • Birthday

  • Sporting Victory

  • Or just a celebration!


Existing Pre-Designs

If designing images and graphics are not your cup of tea, or you simply do not have an interest or the time to create your own images, then why not ask us to do it for you?

Simple Graphic Designing for Free

We can create simple graphics and text for you for free. We have a range of stock photos and fonts that we can supply. You simply let us know what you would like to be printed onto the stubby holder including:

  • Event Name

  • Company or Persons Name

  • Date


Complex Graphics for a Small Fee

For those creatively inclined, who do not have access to designing tools and software then you may be interested in using the services of our graphic designer. For a low fee of $40 per hour we can create graphics according to your specifications. Simply list out in point form what you would like on your personalized beverage cooler as well as any website or photo that inspires you and we can create an original design for your event. Ask us for a quote today.

Not Sure Which Option Suits You Best?

Our team is here to help you choose the right branding technique and colour for your personalised stubby holders. Email us or give us a call to discuss your needs, and let us guide you toward the perfect choice for your promotional strategy. We can answer all your questions about pricing, product recommendations, artwork mockups, and how to place an order.