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Privacy policy

As someone browsing a website in Australia, your online privacy rights are protected under Australian law. This policies laid out in this document exist in addition to those rights, and are not intended to supplant them. By utilising this website, you consent to our privacy policy as described below:

Data collection

We are always trying to improve our service. To help us do this, we have to collect data from people who use this website. This data can include:

  • Where you navigate to within our website.
  • Subscription information that you enter.
  • Any information you give us when making purchases, including name and contact details, etc.
  • We may also collect meta information including, IP addresses.

Why do we collect this data?

We collect this data, so that we can:

  • Help our customers by tailoring our website to fit their needs
  • Enhance your browsing experience.
  • Improve the quality of our customer service.
  • To send information – with your consent – regarding your enquiries/purchases to your email or phone.

What we do NOT do with your data

  • Under no circumstances will we share or on-sell any of our stored customer data to a third party.
  • We do not share data with agencies of the Australian government, unless legally required to do so.


Our website uses cookies to help us capture information, so long as you have enabled cookies on your browser.

Protecting your information

We are very aware of the importance of keeping your data safe, so we constantly update our security software and related technologies. Credit card information and other critical financial data is not stored on our servers.