Personalised Stubby holders 0402 877 275 [email protected] Promotional stubby holders that are available for quick turnaround time with different styles. We can custom made stubby holders in your own design and colour.
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What is the Neoprene Material Used in Stubby Coolers?

'Neoprene' is a generic term for a family of synthetic rubbers, invented in the 1930s. Neoprene can be formed into fibres and woven into cloth or foamed to make thick, waterproof sheets or both. Neoprene is an incredibly rugged and versatile material, used in applications as different as firefighting, scuba diving, hydroponic gardening, piano manufacturing, mouse pads and, of course, stubby holders. Neoprene is stronger and longer lasting than natural rubber and is resistant both to low temperatures and heats as high as 260 degrees. We do not recommend machine washing neoprene, but it wipes clean quite easily. If heavily stained, it can be soaked overnight.

stubby coolers made from neoprene

Branded Neoprene Stubby Holders

Because it is both waterproof and an excellent insulator, neoprene is the ideal fabric for stubby holders. Long lasting, inexpensive and available in a wide variety of bright colours, printed neoprene stubby holders make attractive and eye-catching promotional giveaways. Why not put your branded logo on an item that's sure to see use?