Without a doubt every company is looking for a way to create more awareness for their business or products, so what makes the stubby cooler such a great choice?

We all love a freebie and will jump at the chance to get something that is useful, that’s why the stubby cooler is on the top of our list.

Australians and tourists alike love an ice-cold beverage on a hot day, and there are plenty of those days in Australia. The stubby cooler is the one item, we all flock to, knowing that our beverage will stay cooler for longer and will protect our hands from the iciness.

What better way to promote your business than to have your branding or logo printed directly on to the cooler. The large branding area gives a great space for getting your name out there and gets you more noticed. If everyone is using your stubby coolers, you will be sure that your business name is being broadcast with a positive mindset in sight.

Stubbies are ideal for any outdoor event in the hot Aussie sun when people want to keep their beverages cool and refreshing. Barbecues, beach parties, pool parties, sports events and outdoor occasions always require drinks, soft or alcoholic, so there is no shortage or opportunities. Our coolers come in a range of fun colours to suit all corporate trends.

Our stubbies are manufactured from 5mm Neoprene which is a temperature controlling material and will keep can contents cool for long periods of time. The design features a cup shaped container with a glued base and taped. It will completely cover a can leaving only the top exposed for ease to drink. I suggest the tapped promotional cooler which are available to purchase in bulk orders now!