I was a little shocked to when I found out that VB or Victoria bitter was the number 1 best selling beer in Australia. I was slightly puzzled by this and it got me thinking, Why?

why was I shocked?? I’m not sure, maybe its my age, nationality or even gender. Being Irish, I am fond of the occasion alcoholic beverage. When I spoke to Australian friends about my new revelation they ensured me that VB is the most popular based on a few key points. 1) It is Cheap, 2) VB is an easy to drink crisp beer perfect for an Aussie Barbie 3) Advertising Advertising and more Advertising, most commercials for VB include everything Aussie from kangaroos to Stubby Coolers

Living in Australia for the past two years I have tried many a different styles of larger to find the right beer to quench an Irish lasses thirst. Through trial and error I have settled on Tooheys extra dry, strong but still refreshing.

But, this weekend Ill do it the Aussie way with a case of VB!!