Personalised Stubby holders 0402 877 275 Promotional stubby holders that are available for quick turnaround time with different styles. We can custom made stubby holders in your own design and colour.
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Personalised Stubby Coolers for Spring

Thursday, 18 October 2018 11:03:18 AM Australia/Sydney

Spring is here!! That means it's party time in Australia!

As it starts to warm up and the temperatures turn towards summer, it’s time to start thinking about the cherished Aussie BBQ parties you might be having or attending and how to best get your brand out there.

Bulk Promotional Drink Holder Options

We offer quite a range of options from the standard cheap stubby holder, champagne or mini bottle holder and you can even include some with lanyards!

 assortment of promotional stubby holders
Perfect for parties or events for when you want to leave a lasting impression.

Stubby Holders are a perfect way to wrap your business name around a nice chilled beer or cold drink ready for the thirsty hands of all your guests to see. A great talking piece if you make use of the more novelty designs too.

Also offer a novelty range too. Some of our favourites include the funny thong cooler, cricket stubbie cooler, Christmas can cooler, or even our unique tough stubby cooler.

 festive promotional coolers
Great ideas for the Summer and festive season ahead!

And finally, don’t f...

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Posted in Personalised Stubby Holders By joey joey

Slap Band Cooler Wrap Works With Everything

Tuesday, 3 November 2015 1:48:10 PM Australia/Sydney

Stubby coolers are a great product, but what about sizing? Not all drinks are created equal after all. You’ve got your standard aluminium soda and beer cans, but you’ve also got skinny cans like the kind that contain energy drinks. You’ve got short and blocky beer stubbies, but you’ve got tall and thin long necked bottles.  Not all drinks are sized the same way, and that means that your stubby holder might not hold drinks of all sizes. Thankfully we have a solution for that. The slap band cooler wrap.

 Slap Band Cooler Wrap

With an insulating fabric cover and a metal slap band within, this cooler wrap is a one size fits all way of keeping your drinks cool as it wraps around any can or drink you can bring to the table. Sure you can use a Velcro cooler wrap, but it’s dependent on where the Velcro patches are. That’s not the case with the slap band. Just slap, wrap, and go.

 slap band cooler wrap 2

As such, this is a very handy product which can suit drinks of any number of shapes and sizes. Its flat packaging means it also works great...

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Posted in News By wendy ly

Pair Your Brew With The Right Bite

Thursday, 12 March 2015 11:14:38 AM Australia/Sydney

Ever wondered which foods work best with your favourite beer? Here are some suggestions for getting your next BBQ feed just right.

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Posted in News By Charles Lew