We like our coffee or tea piping hot, but we don’t want to get ourselves burned.  Thus, we make use of stubby holders. They are the ones that you wrap around the mug, thermos, or glass to guarantee heat doesn’t immediately come into contact with your skin. They can also be full-fledged holders wherein you simply insert or place the hot object in, and you’ll be perfectly fine

Simply put, these stubby holders are just as useful or needed as your cups, mugs, and coolers. Hence, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t function as advertising materials too. Besides, these holders already come in different forms. If you love something quirky, you can look for stubby hoodies. They’re still holders, except that they’re made to look like miniature hoodies. The holders can also be available in wide assortment of colors, from the monochromes to the flashy ones. Cold stuff? You can also use stubby holders for them. In fact, you can find stubby coolers, which perfectly fit your cans of beer and soda.

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