Stubby coolers are fantastic products that are an accessible and useful item for all party occasions. People will love having their drinks cold whilst marketing your brand. Here are our simple personalised stubby holders’ options that are guaranteed to have your brand remembered.

Discount Bulk Stubby Coolers

Sometimes the simplest stubby cooler is the one that is most effective to get your brand noticed. This discount bulk stubby holder is an item that is perfect for parties and special occasions. This can easily fit a soda, beer, or any canned drink! The best part about this stubby cooler is the fact that its simple design ensures that your brand name and logo is the point of focus. This product comes in navy blue, royal blue, light blue, green, pink, red, yellow, orange, maroon, purple, or grey. Get this emblazoned today to ensure the best promotion for your parties and events!

Short Drink Coolers with Branding

If you plan on having bottled drinks at your party, then check out our short drink coolers with branding! These sleek little stubby holders are perfect when it comes to obscure bottle shapes. This item features an adjustable drawstring to allow it to easily conform to any bottle shape. This will ensure that your patrons’ drinks stay cool for longer. More importantly, this item has a wide branding area for your name or logo and is guaranteed to get you fantastic brand retention. This is truly an item that is necessary at every party and occasion.

Cheap Super Slim Drink Koozies

This cheap super slim drink koozie is another awesome alternative for long neck bottles. It is a striking promotional item that is designed to contrast with your brand for optimal branding. It comes in navy blue, royal blue, light blue, green, pink, red, yellow, orange, maroon, purple, and grey. This means there is certainly a colour that will help make your logo pop. Considering getting these stubby holders for your parties and events or even hand them out as a thank you gift. This is an easy means of promotion and one that is applicable for many summers to come.