Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a lovely easter break. We did too  we came back to work and trading as normal on Tuesday. It has been really busy not because the work is piling up but enquiries are coming through every few minutes! Crazy i tell ya.

So how did everyone spend their Easter? What is the origin of easter? Easter egg is symbolized as tomb of Jesus. A bird hatches from it with life as a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave after death. Easter eggs originated amongst Christians in Mesopotamia, eggs are painted in red in memory of Jesus’ blood on his crucifixion.

What about Easter bunny or easter rabbit? What does rabbit have to do with easter or eggs? To be frank, nothing. While eggs are natural symbol of rebirth and new life, rabbits are just very fertile animals whose babies are scampered during spring time when people celebrate Easter. Rabbits and eggs become symbols of fertility and were incorporated into Easter by time.

Now excuse my sweet tooth, I’m going to finish all my chocolate easter eggs and bunny leftovers. Happy weekend all!