Everyone knows that certain wines work better with particular foods (white wine with fish, for example) but have you ever given much thought to pairing you favourite beer with a complimentary food dish? These food + beer combo suggestions mean that come next BBQ, you'll be so well prepared with your food options that you'll just need to slap a stubby cooler on your beer and let the magic happen.

Wheat Beers

Wheat Beer

Refreshing wheat beers are very popular during the summer seasons with good reason. They work well with summer dinner foods like grain salads or pink meats, as well as fruits and airy, spicy desserts.


Stout Beer

Unsurprisingly these rich, flavoursome beers work best with strong and full bodied foods. You'll enjoy your stout best if you pair it with braised meats, rich desserts or filling soups and stews.

Amber Ales

Amber Ales

With their broad range of flavours, amber ales can be paired with a huge variety of middle-of-the-road foods. Whether it's a fresh burger or some warm roast chicken, an amber ale will work nicely.

Pale Ales

Pale Ale

The lightest of the light, pale ales are the beer to choose when you're considering having a light garden salad, fish or grilled chicken. They're also a great beer to go with hors d'oeuvres or nibblies if you're not looking for a full meal.


Inspired by http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2010/04/learn-to-pair-beer-with-food/