Stubby coolers make excellent gifts for clients, staff, friends, and family. Below are our favourite drink coolers that make for great personalised gifts.

Promotional Velcro Stubby Coolers

These convenient promotional Velcro stubby coolers are great for gifts and events. You can easily wrap your bottles or cans in these sweet drink koozies. Your hands will remain comfortable whilst your drink remains cool. These are perfect to be given out as gifts. They feature a large surface area where you can emblazon the product with your brand name.

Classic Personalised Magnetic Stubby Holders

Keeping your drinks cool is a must in the summer heat. These classic personalised magnetic stubby holders are guaranteed to always regulate the temperature of your beverages. The stubby coolers feature comfortable padding that is secured by magnets. This is a functional product that can effectively market your brand. Gift it out at your next convention or trade show.

Custom Logo Zippered Bottle Coolers

Present your clients, staff, friends, and family with these custom logo zippered bottle coolers. This fantastic product is the perfect way to regulate the temperature of drinks. It features a slim casing to fit any bottle with sturdy zippered closure. This makes it great for transport and to ensure your drink is always at its best. Decorate this product with your brand today!