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Most Popular Promotional Stubby Coolers 2019

Monday, 17 June 2019 9:57:22 AM Australia/Sydney

Stubby holders are a trademark Australian accessory to everyone’s drink. No matter the time of year, if your drink isn’t ice cold you aren’t doing it right. We compiled a list of top five most popular stubby holders this year so that you can catch up with the trends and even slap your brand across these styles to win over employees and clients.

2019 Best Stubby Coolers

1. Customisable Self-Close Stubby Holders

If you want to keep your drink cold whilst on the move, this is the stubby holder for you. It can be annoying protecting your drink when you aren’t stationary, so this stubby holder has a closable lid to prevent any spills or leakage. Coupled with your brand name on the front, this stubby holder is a great gift for all those active people.

2. Decorated Ski Jacket Printed Bottle Coolers

As we just started the winter period, it makes sense to get a stubby holder that emphasises the skiing season. These novelty ski jacket stubby holders are a great way to bring attention to your drink so it would make sense to ...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Jakub

Sizzling Custom Stubby Cooler Styles

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 10:11:36 AM Australia/Sydney

The perfect summer must have – a stubby cooler is an essential item whenever you leave the house this summer. Ideal for BBQ’s in the park, Parties and Picnics.

Sizzling Summer Styles to keep your Stubbies Cool

Cool Drinks in Even Cooler Promotional Wraps

Express Budget Coolers Branded

Your business can’t go wrong with these budget coolers, with express delivery possible these will be perfect for any last-minute events. The flat pack design means it’ll fit in any pocket and can even be mailed out individually. Choose from 6 vibrant, eye-catching colours with a colour print of your logo on each side to ensure maximum promotion.

Neoprene Logo Printed Cooler with Lanyard

Never lose your beer with this great hand’s free device. With a lanyard and a cooler this maximises space for promoting your business. Both the cooler and lanyard are available in a large range of colours to help you find the perfect shade to match your company. Great to hand out at outdoor Christmas parties, sports events and casual gatherings just be sure to BYOB. The s...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Samantha Rodwell

What are Promotional Stubby Coolers Made From?

Tuesday, 27 February 2018 9:45:40 AM Australia/Sydney

A cold beverage puts things into perspective, regardless of the place or time. And for us Aussies, we love our socials and cold beers, ciders and cold drinks. Which means the best present you can give an event attendee is a stubby cooler to help them remember the fun they've had! You can select from a variety of shapes, from vests to jackets, as well as enjoy customised decoration and branding. When selecting a stubby promotional cooler, it's important you weigh up value for money with durability regarding whether you order a foam or neoprene drink holder.

Promotional Stubby Cooler Materials

Stubby coolers are used on vacation, picnics and even holidays. Made to only hold one bottle or can at a time, these coolers are the perfect companion and are now so advanced such that they can fit any size or shape. However, there is a difference between foam and neoprene stubbies.

Branded Foam Drink Holders

The more cost-effective stubby coolers are made out of foam rubber. These items are cheaper and can be manufactured from differen...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By yoshe yoshe

What are Glassware Coolers

Thursday, 15 June 2017 3:16:24 PM Australia/Sydney

There's nothing like a stubby holder for keeping your beer cold on a hot day. But what if you aren't a beer drinker? Or what if you are, but you don't care to drink from the bottle? Up until recently, there wasn't much you could do except add ice. Some drinks are just fine with added ice, but ice doesn't mix well with beer or wine.

What's the solution? Fitted glassware coolers. Made of the same neoprene material as stubby holders, these handy sleeves are designed to fit snuggly over differently shaped of glasses. Best of all, we can print your organisation's logo onto these useful items, making them into effective promotional items for your business.

Promotional Wine Bottle Coolers

These are snug-fitting bags that fit over standard wine bottles. With a handle at one end for convenience in transit and your company logo on the side, these stylish bottles will get wine from fridge to function without it losing its chill. Suitable for both flat and sparkling wine bottles, these make great cor...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Charles Lew