There's nothing like a stubby holder for keeping your beer cold on a hot day. But what if you aren't a beer drinker? Or what if you are, but you don't care to drink from the bottle? Up until recently, there wasn't much you could do except add ice. Some drinks are just fine with added ice, but ice doesn't mix well with beer or wine.

What's the solution? Fitted glassware coolers. Made of the same neoprene material as stubby holders, these handy sleeves are designed to fit snuggly over differently shaped of glasses. Best of all, we can print your organisation's logo onto these useful items, making them into effective promotional items for your business.

Promotional Wine Bottle Coolers

These are snug-fitting bags that fit over standard wine bottles. With a handle at one end for convenience in transit and your company logo on the side, these stylish bottles will get wine from fridge to function without it losing its chill. Suitable for both flat and sparkling wine bottles, these make great corporate gifts or promotional items for bottle shops and wine merchants.

Customised Wine Glass Coolers

These convenient sleeves are designed to fit over wine glasses. Enjoy cold wine on a warm day -- by the pool, at a picnic, at the beach, or anywhere that you like. These make cute gifts for guests at weddings, hens nights or outdoors functions. They also make great promotional items for pubs and wine shops.

Branded Beer Glass Coolers

You may not want to drink from a bottle, but that doesn't mean you don't like a cold beer. These glass coolers are just the thing to keep your schooner cold -- or your pint, middy, seven or handle sized glass. With plenty of room for printing, these are just the things for a social club, birthday party, reunion, reception, buck's night, or any other function. They also make great promotional items for pubs, clubs, bottle shops and breweries.