Let’s face it Australians love their summer. They love everything that makes time spent outdoors more fun and enjoyable. Without crazy summer heat, who wouldn’t want to be kept cool while enjoying their time outdoors? Stubby coolers are the perfect summer accessory. From the name – stubby coolers, it is easy to understand that they are very portable and ready to be carried by just about anyone, to just about any destination.

Customised Drink Holders for Summer

Made with insulated interior and high-quality plastic exterior, these containers are excellent at keeping cold beverage bottles or cans chilled even in the heart of summer. There isn’t one generic print or logo that comes with all the stubby coolers. Thus, you can be able to swiftly personalise and get a stubby cooler to put in your favourite cold drink and take your companion with you everywhere you go. Personalised designs ensure that you can tell your drink apart be it at birthday parties, corporate gatherings or even at the park. Now, that’s convenient.

Aussies Love Personalised Stubby Coolers

Stubby coolers that are manufactured locally promote the local infrastructure and are made with the locals in mind. Thus, these drink coolers will represent everything Ausy and more. But, we also offer coolers that are made and imported from overseas. Whatever you chose to brand and buy as your perfect summer accessory, it will be of high standard and up to your preferred taste.

All stubby coolers are custom made after going through client’s detailed brief. Made out of high-quality foam and neoprene material, they are both affordable and durable. They come in super portable sizes meaning that they can be carried wherever you choose to go. Promotional stubby coolers can have the selected name, logo, picture, print or just about anything preferred by the client.