Not all promotional products are suitable for every day use. Some are best suited for meetings or function. In this instance you need to have a direct impact on the client. You could even go as far as delivering them yourself to ensure that the product is delivered on time and undamaged.

The good thing about promotional stubbys is that these can be used every day by everyone. Printed can holders are great for kids and adults alike. You can print these stubby with your unique image. Stubby coolers have a function which will be used again and again, remember the aim of promotional items are to get them used again and again. Branding is also only for a period of time and with stubby coolers you easily be able to design a newer version of your logo time and time again as you are not restricted to a small print area. What this means is you logo with be in your clients faces day after day. Relatively low in price to produce, you will have no concerns transporting these throughout the country.

If time is on your side then you can choose to have a custom made stubby offshore. We refer to this as in indent product, ordering in bulk offshore to meet your specifications. The great thing about this options is that you could save up to 50% of your manufacturing fees. These process can take several weeks but the benefits outweigh any doubts you may. You will also have complete control on your promotional stubby