You will not be a real Australian if you don’t own or know what a stubby holder is. Invented to keep beers cold in the hot Australian sun. You would almost consider a stubby holder a household essential to many. Stubby holders are usually made from neoprene holding drinks firm and cold and at the same time very easy and comfortable to hold in your hand.

Stubby holders are referred to be different names around the world, in England they call it Koozies and around the world it’s known as a can cooler. So why do us Australians call them stubby holders? Due to the term ‘stubby’ being used to describe a 375ml bottle of beer and because they are usually shorter and fatter than other export beers only being 330ml.

The creation of stubby holders, occurred during the years when clothes were big and bright, and the music got created on synthesisers, of course, I am talking about the early 1980’s. When the first use of stubby holders, had been made from polystyrene foam. It was large, awkward and lathered into shape; it also didn’t hold your drink very well. Because the inside of the cooler could only be one size, so therefore if you had a bigger stubby than the inside of the cooler it would not fit. So then if the bottle or can was smaller it would flop around inside the cooler.

Then a few years later in the 1980’s a US company claimed to have brought in the first neoprene cooler, interestingly enough made from a piece of off-cut material from the wetsuit industry. The market of bottle coolers had changed overnight in the 1983-84 Ashes series. Though attributed to Aussie man Shane Walsh, for inventing a new model some years later. He had brought these handy items to Australia, to accommodate the smaller bottle size in our country. Which resulted in the current stubby holder, used by many Australians today.


Nowhere days the stubby holders are still made with the same materials, however now they come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colours that are different from the original solid black design. Many companies also use stubby holders as a means to promote themselves. Allowing a client or potential customer to keep your business fresh in their minds while taking a sip from their drinks. Stubby holders are undeniably a part of Australian culture and will continue to be for a long time. Consistently keeping your drinks cold in a stylish way.