With this summer already predicted to be the hottest on record, you need something to keep your cool drinks deliciously refreshing. Our stubby holders are available in many colours, sizes, shapes and styles to suit your needs.

Craft beers are super delicious and very trendy. With names like ‘One Fifty Lashes’ and ‘Sleeping Giant’, it is no surprise that these are increasingly popular. Independent brewers are also branching out into carrot and pumpkin beers, just in case you are watching your weight or simply want to try something outside the box.

On the other side of the spectrum we have ciders, in many fruity flavours including elderflower and toffee apple, these appeal to those with a sweeter tooth. With ciders there is a flavour to suit every mood, and of course bottles and cans in every size possible, which is where we come in! Luckily the slap band cooler wrap can be adjusted for every sized bottle or can. Whether you’re drinking hot or cold cider, it insulates all the same.