Personalised Stubby holders 0402 877 275 Promotional stubby holders that are available for quick turnaround time with different styles. We can custom made stubby holders in your own design and colour.
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Why Stubby/Drink Coolers are the Perfect Summer Accessory

Friday, 13 October 2017 5:07:03 PM Australia/Sydney

It's almost Summer here in Australia and that means it's the perfect season for grabbing some personalised stubby coolers for your party or promotional event.

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Posted in Personalised Stubby Holders By wendy

Novelty Stubby Holders

Thursday, 10 August 2017 2:38:10 PM Australia/Sydney

Everyone loves promotional stubbie holders -- but how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Well, one way might be to use novelty stubby holders

Personalised Sporting Stubbie Coolers for your Favorite Team

What's better than a cold beer at the end of an exciting sporting match? A cold beer served in a cooler in your team colours! One of our most popular ranges of novelty stubbie holders is our sportswear range. Instead of the usual cup shape of stubbie holders, these fun products are shaped like sporting jumpers, jerseys, shirts or other tops. They fit over the top of your drink, like it was a part of your team, too.

Chose from a wide range of sporting tops -- we have:

  • Cricket shirts and jerseys
  • Wetsuits
  • Soccer jerseys
  • Baseball shirts
  • Rugby jerseys
  • Ski jackets
  • Life jackets
  • Hooded Tracksuit
  • Bikinis

Promotional Stubbie Holders in Fancy Finishes

Neoprene is the go-to material for making stubbies. It's waterproof and it insulates well. Its disadvantage is that it is used in so many sorts of stub...

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Posted in Personalised Stubby Holders By Charles Lew

What are Glassware Coolers

Thursday, 15 June 2017 3:16:24 PM Australia/Sydney

There's nothing like a stubby holder for keeping your beer cold on a hot day. But what if you aren't a beer drinker? Or what if you are, but you don't care to drink from the bottle? Up until recently, there wasn't much you could do except add ice. Some drinks are just fine with added ice, but ice doesn't mix well with beer or wine.

What's the solution? Fitted glassware coolers. Made of the same neoprene material as stubby holders, these handy sleeves are designed to fit snuggly over differently shaped of glasses. Best of all, we can print your organisation's logo onto these useful items, making them into effective promotional items for your business.

Promotional Wine Bottle Coolers

These are snug-fitting bags that fit over standard wine bottles. With a handle at one end for convenience in transit and your company logo on the side, these stylish bottles will get wine from fridge to function without it losing its chill. Suitable for both flat and sparkling wine bottles, these make great cor...

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Posted in Custom Branded Stubby Coolers By Charles Lew

The History of the Stubby Bottle

Thursday, 27 April 2017 10:17:12 AM Australia/Sydney

People have been making beer for thousands of years -- at least as far back as the great civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. But the idea of putting beer into bottles and cans is a pretty recent one. While people have been making quality beer for millennia, it's only in the last few centuries that our glassmaking skills have gotten good enough that we could make bottles that won't crack under the pressure of fizzy beer. Home brewers will know how easily even modern, factory-made bottles can explode if you don't take care!

Originally, bottled beer came in an extremely wide variety of bottle shapes, depending on which glassblower the brewer was sourcing his bottles from. This lead to difficulties in sales and distribution, as the size and shape of a box of beer bottles could vary a lot.


In the 1930s, attempts began to standardise bottle sizes, and the stubbie we all know and love today was born. Developed in the USA and originally called a 'steinie' these bottles were of...

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Posted in Personalised Stubby Holders By Charles Lew